As pants the hart

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1 Lord, in Thee do I trust
2 Thanks be to Thee
3 Come to life's pure fountain
4 O praise our God with one accord
5 Come unto Him (Hymn of Praise)
6 The time grows ever shorter
7 Pie Jesu (Requiem)
8 Thee, God, we bring praise
9 See, I spread my arms in yearning
10 Keep me upon Thy pathway
11 Praise Thou the Lord
12 Blessed words of hope
13 Ewige Vader
14 Chorale prelude: Jesus, life of all the living
15 God's own beloved
16 Unknown the morrow
17 Preserve him for the glory (Saul)
18 My soul truly waits on the Lord
19 Cornet voluntary
20 As pants the hart
21 Upon the sure foundation
22 And then shall your light (Elijah)