Flow on, o river of love

R 45,00
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1 Jubilate
2 Father of love
3 I need Thee ev'ry hour
4 Chorale prelude: Lord Jesus, hear my cry to Thee
5 Lord, God, Creator
6 Blessed is the man
7 Praise, honour, thanks
8 Give me more, Lord, of thy Spirit
9 Allegro maestoso (Organ sonata No.2)
10 Much grace on our journey
11 Almighty God
12 Flow on, O river of love
13 Ye seed of Israel
14 Fugue in G minor
15 I know a realm where Jesus dwells
16 Unto the Father's name
17 A streamlet is flowing
18 O Lord most holy
19 Finale (Organ sonata No.6)
20 Create in me a clean heart
21 The day of Thy return
22 The heavens are telling (Creation)